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Dear Dale:

Old Window Rollers May Be Available

November 08, 1987|Dale Baldwin

Question: Do you know where I can get parts for my 25-year-old K-Line aluminum windows? The rollers need replacement. I've tried numerous hardware stores and none carries K-Line replacement parts.

Answer: The K-Line company is no longer in business, but replacement rollers and other parts may still be available, according to Allen Lowith of Lowith Metal Window Co., North Hollywood. If you send him an old roller, he'll be glad to check on the availability of replacement rollers. He's at 10905 Peach Grove St., No. 3, North Hollywood, Calif. 91601.

A bit of history: K-Line was one of the first companies to supply sliding windows at a time when the crank-out casement windows were standard fitments in the Southland residential market, Lowith said.

Q: We have to remove some old wallpaper, and I haven't a clue as to what to do first. Is there a book you can recommend that covers various kinds of wall coverings and their removal?

A: If you have a videocassette recorder, the VHS kind, or access to one, you're in luck. Stripper Wallpaper Service Inc., 16783 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, Calif. 92647, has produced a 10-minute video that clearly outlines the techniques to follow to remove any of a dozen or so types of wall coverings.

On the $10 tape, Sid Katz of Stripper Wallpaper Service demonstrates the techniques for members of the video generation. The company, which specializes in removing wallpaper for residential and commercial customers, also sells chemicals that make the removal job easy, Katz said.

IN THE MAIL: Frequent correspondent E. C. Raymer of Raymer Custom Window Coverings, 2326 Archdale St., Riverside, Calif. 92506, saw the Sept. 20 column that dealt with the availability of automatic sliding screen door closers. He agrees with my comments that the Pella Window Closer is great, but adds that a homeowner would have to sink a "small fortune" into a complete assembly since the closer is not compatible with other sliding doors.

Raymer's company has a supply of the Kelly Klosers that I mentioned in the Sept. 20 column and will sell them for $42 (tax, packaging and shipping included). The Kelly Kloser is compatible with all brands of sliding screen doors and glass doors, Raymer said. The unit comes with installation directions or his firm can install the unit for a "nominal charge."

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