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Morning Briefing

Postgame Is Where Boz Shines

November 12, 1987

According to Peter King of Newsday, Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth spent 23 minutes on the field against the New York Jets Monday night and 25 minutes afterward preening.

King: "He had to shower. He had to blow-dry his blond Mohawk-cut hair just right. He had to shave. He had to blot a couple of bloody bruises he'd received during the game. When he arrived back at his locker, with 14 media members waiting, Bosworth, in order:

"--Powdered his torso with baby powder.

"--Dressed in a stone-washed black denim suit.

"--Affixed a wide gold chain around his neck.

"--Put three silver earrings in his left ear. First the hoop earring went atop the ear. Then the stud-pierced earring went near the middle. Then the pierced earring spelling 'BOZ' went on the lobe.

"--Turned to face the reporters, had klieg lights shined in his face, blinked, said, 'Aaarrggghh,' and turned back to put his deep-blue sunglasses on.


Add Bosworth: Wrote Dave Anderson of the New York Times: "The Seahawks returned to Seattle wondering what happened, while the Monday night television audience was left wondering how Brian Bosworth, the noisy rookie linebacker, ever convinced the Seahawks he was worth $11 million over 10 years. Boz wasn't worth 11 cents Monday night."

Trivia Time: What do Pete Maravich, career-high scorer in college basketball, and Tony Dorsett, career-leading ground gainer in college football, have in common? (Answer to follow.)

For What It's Worth: In the last six games started by Eric Dickerson, his teams are 0-6.

Add Dickerson: Responding to the critics of his salary demands, he said: "The average person just says, 'I have three or four kids, and I'm making $40,000 a year and I'm barely making ends meet; why is this guy, he's making $600,000, why is he complaining.'

"Well first of all, I didn't make the guy have four or five kids. Second of all, if he's a mailman or whatever, he chose that profession. I didn't choose his career for him. If he wants to make $600,000, $800,000, he should have played professional football, been an attorney or played basketball."

Peter May of the Hartford Courant, on the New York Knicks' loss to the Boston Celtics Monday night: "It was going bad for the Knicks right from the start. The club brought Pia Zadora out to sing the national anthem, but she stopped early into the song, telling the organist she couldn't hear. By the time she got to 'gave proof through the night,' she was drowned out by boos."

Steve Alford is gone, but Joe Hillman, the former Glendale Hoover High School gunner, claims Indiana won't miss a beat in its quest for another NCAA title.

"I know I'm never going to be the shooter he was, but I can do some stuff that he couldn't do as far as athletic ability (is concerned)," Hillman said. "Our team doesn't need a Steve Alford this year. We're going to have a different team, and we can do just as good without him."

San Francisco 49ers Coach Bill Walsh, on why he is installing 276-pound Steve Wallace at left tackle in place of Bubba Paris, who has ballooned to 315 pounds: "He finishes his blocks--and not his plate."

Trivia Answer: Both were born in Aliquippa, Pa.


Ed Murphy, Mississippi basketball coach, on why he will start 6-foot 11-inch red-shirt freshman Sean Murphy, his son, at center: "Because his mother wants it that way."

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