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Fishing Noetbook : Angler Waiting for Confirmation of Two Shark Records

November 12, 1987|Dan Stanton

Don McPherson of Marina del Rey is awaiting confirmation of two International Game Fish Assn. records.

McPherson caught a 159-pound thresher shark on 12-pound-test line and a 215-pounder using 16-pound-test line, both in Santa Monica Bay. Each catch is an unofficial record.

Lisa Derr of Playa del Rey, fishing from her boat "Ahi" outside the Topanga Canyon beach area, battled and boated a 141-pound thresher shark on 16-pound-test line. This catch should earn her an association record for women.

If sharks generate fishing excitement for you, head for Santa Monica Bay. There have been and still are many big sharks there.

Fish and game news: Anglers, sportfishing organizations and individuals have proposed 76 changes to the 1988-89 California sportfishing regulations.

A meeting held Tuesday in San Diego was the second of three sessions that will consider and adopt new sportfishing regulations for the next two years.

Officials from the state Health Department have announced that the emergency quarantine on mussels was lifted Oct. 31.

Gov. George Deukmejian reappointed Assemblyman Gerald Felando (R-San Pedro) as a commissioner of Pacific Marine Fisheries.

Latest fish reports: The South Bay sportfishing fleet will be soon be using live squid to attract fall and winter bull bass and rock cod.

Last week Redondo sportfishing boats used squid to lure good counts of bass and yellowtail.

Redondo fishermen are continuing to chalk up big counts of bonito and bass. The half-day boat "City of Redondo" had a successful outing fishing at Rocky Point, reaching limits of bonito and bass.

The island boat "Blackjack" has been fishing Santa Barbara Island in shallow water for rock cod and a weekend trip resulted in landing the limit--more than 400 grouper and some big ling cod.

San Pedro sportfishing: Fishing the horseshoe kelp and the oil rigs with 30 passengers, the "Sportking" returned with a full limit of bonito, up to eight pounds. A variety of bass and rockfish rewarded anglers with limits.

The half-day boat "Matt Walsh" continues to be popular for anglers who can only get away for part of the day. Big bonito, calico bass and sculpin set the pace Monday.

The "Shogun," with 18 passengers, had a full limit of bonito and bass fishing Catalina.

Long Beach sportfishing: The three-quarter-day "Victory," fishing the Marineland area, had a full limit of bonito and 80 calico bass. Yellowtail came up to the chum line but refused both bait and jigs.

The "El Dorado," on a two-day rock cod trip, rewarded anglers with 395 rock cod and 12 big cow cod, up to 20 pounds.

Freshwater note: South Bay area rod and gun clubs report most marinas on Big Bear Lake have closed for the season. The launch ramp at the marina west will close Dec. 1.

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