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November 15, 1987| Compiled by David Pecchia

Films going into production:

THE BOOST (Hemdale). Shooting in L.A. A caper starring James Woods and Sean Young. Executive producers John Daly and Derek Gibson. Producers Daniel H. Blatt. Director Harold Becker. Screenwriter Darryl Ponicsan.

EVERYBODY'S ALL-AMERICAN (New Visions). Shooting in Lousiana. Jessica Lange, Dennis Quaid and Tim Hutton star in the Taylor Hackford-directed story of three longtime friends whose lives remain intertwined from the mid-'50s through the early '80s. Based on Frank Deford's novel. Executive producer Stuart Benjamin. Producers Hackford, Laura Ziskin and Ian Sander. Screenwriter Tom Rickman. Distributor Warners.

HERO AND THE TERROR (Cannon). Shooting in L.A. Santa Monica cop Chuck Norris takes on a hulking psychopath (a.k.a. The Terror) who is unleashed from the prison that Norris put him in five years before. Based on Michael Blodgett's novel. Executive producers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus. Producer Raymond Wagner. Director Bill Tannen. Screenwriters Dennis Shryack and Blodgett.

MESSENGER OF DEATH (tentative title) (Cannon). Shooting in L.A. and Colorado. Action-adventure about Denver cop Charles Bronson and his search for Mormon serial killers called "Unholy Angels." Executive producers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus. Producer Pancho Kohner. Director J. Lee Thompson. Screenwriter Richard Sale.

1969 (Atlantic). Shooting in Savannah. Robert Downey Jr. and Kiefer Sutherland star in a drama about the relationship between two small-town best friends and their families. Producer Daniel Grodnik. Director/screenwriter Ernest Thompson. Also stars Bruce Dern and Winona Ryder. Distributor Atlantic Releasing. Summer release.

THE POWWOW HIGHWAY (Handmade). Shooting in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and New Mexico. Comedy about a couple of disparate Indians who learn about love and friendship while traveling down the scenic, untraveled expanse of an interstate known as "Powwow Highway." Producer Jan Wieringa. Director Jonathan Wacks. Screenwriters Janet Heaney and Jean Stawarz. Stars A Martinez and Gary Farmer.

THE PRINCE OF PENNSYLVANIA (Nicolas). Shooting in Pittsburgh. Comedy drama about a rebellious teen-ager who kidnaps his dad in a scheme to ransom him back to his mother. Producers Joan Fishman and Kerry Orent. Director/screenwriter Ron Nyswaner. Stars Fred Ward, Keanu Reeves, Bonnie Bedelia and Amy Madigan. Spring release.

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