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Weinberger's Resignation

November 16, 1987

In his article "Weinberger's Hawkishness Was With the Checkbook," (Op-Ed Page, Nov. 5) James E. Pike's opening statement is: "Caspar Weinberger's guiding philosophy over seven years as secretary of defense was the financial well-being of the military establishment and its corporate clients."

I happen to believe that his guiding philosophy was to keep this country out of war.

I would like to remind Pike that, with Weinberger as secretary of defense, the Reagan Administration has presented the nation with a six-year plus period at peace. During their 40 years of Administrations in this century, the Democrats seldom accomplished this.

Lest we forget, Mr. Pike, while following the foreign and national defense policies of Democratic Administrations, emphasizing economy in national defense, this nation entered four wars in less than 50 years.

And after entering the wars, and thousands of people had been killed, Democratic Presidents came to us and said they had misjudged both the intentions and military capability of foreign leaders; that they had made serious mistakes and miscalculations; that they had been misinformed or poorly advised.

This must never happen again. It has never happened during a Republican Administration. Let us hope it never does.

I salute the guiding philosophy of Caspar Weinberger during his tenure as secretary of defense.


Los Angeles

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