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Local News in Brief : Orange : Her Day in Court Was a Sore Trial to Judge

November 18, 1987

A talkative grandmother who represented herself in a lawsuit began a five-day sentence for contempt of court Tuesday.

Marty Adair, 46, of Orange, was found in contempt by Superior Court Judge John H. Smith Jr. for her repeated interruptions during the trial.

Smith had held Adair in contempt last week but stayed the sentence until the jury returned in her personal injury lawsuit. Jurors awarded $15,600 in damages Monday, which Adair called "disappointing." She had asked for $70,000.

The defendant in the case, USA Petroleum Corp., had acknowledged that it was responsible when one of its trucks collided with Adair's vehicle in an Orange parking lot in 1981. The only issue was the amount of damages.

In court after the verdict Tuesday, Smith simply announced that Adair would serve five days, as he had previously ordered.

"I can't say that it's been a very enjoyable experience," Smith said.

"Me either, your honor," retorted an unrepentant Adair, breaking in on the judge one last time.

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