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Grambling Defenders Didn't Give Up Until They Were Finished

November 18, 1987|Steve Harvey

The Colleges And this week's if-at-first-you-don't-fail, try-try-try again award goes to . . . Grambling, which staged one of college football's most dramatic finishes against South Carolina State.

Three times, South Carolina kicker William Wrighten tried a last-second field goal. Three times he missed. Three times Grambling was penalized. Wrighten succeeded on his fourth chance to give South Carolina State a 15-13 victory. No word on whether Wrighten plans to take Grambling's defense out to dinner.

The Tigers moved ahead of Ohio State University (the school administration, not the team), which fired a coach with an 80-26-1 record.

There were also rumors of unrest at Michigan State University, where running back Lorenzo White--emulating such dissidents as Eric Dickerson, Walter Payton and Herschel Walker--is said to be complaining about his role. White, who ran 56 times against No. 20 Indiana, reportedly said he deserves at least 60 attempts a week.

The Rankings:

Team, Record Last Loss Next Loss 1. Grambling (5-5) 13-15, S. Car. St Idle 2. Ohio State Earle Bruce Unannounced 3. Kansas (1-8-1) 17-49, Okla St Missouri 4. K-State (0-9) 14-16, Iowa St Colorado 5. Mia. Schd. Beat Va. Tech Toledo 6. Ga. Tech (2-7) Idle Wake Forest 7. UCLA (9-1)* Def. Wash., 47-14 USC 8. N'west. (1-8-1) 15-20, Purdon't Ill 9. Freedom Bowl** Iowa Fans 10. Okla. (10-0) *** Def. Mo., 17-13 Neb.

11.-14. Pentagon (Army, Navy, Air Force, Gen. George Washington State) (17-23); 15. Houston (3-6); 16. (Tie) William & Mary (4-6) and Duke & Maryland (8-12); 18. Alabumble (7-3); 19. Idle; 20. Indiana (7-3).

*Coach Terry Donahue says: "We're not a healthy team. There's no way you can suffer these kinds of losses (injuries) and not be affected."

**Opted for Holiday Bowl instead.

***Coach Barry Switzer: "We're not scoring and lots of it is attributed to turnovers."

CRUMMY GAME OF THE WEEK: Ill (3-6-1) at Northwestern (1-8-1).

HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL: University High had the ball on Reseda's 20-yard line, leading 12-6, with four seconds left, when its quarterback took the snap and ran backward approximately 60 yards. He was tackled, fumbled, and Reseda ran the ball into the end zone for the winning score, 13-12.

The Pros The Irwindale Masqueraiders obviously pack the punch of a Tyson--Cicely Tyson.

But while the 'Raiders lost their sixth straight, 14-16, to San Diego, they did maintain a shred of dignity by picking up 186 yards in penalties, a record for the nasty team. So call it an immoral victory, at least, for Irwindale.

Poor San Francisco. When starting quarterback Steve Young was injured against New Orleans, the 49ers were forced to turn to strike-ball quarterback Joe Montana (whom they had retained after regular-season play resumed). An obviously nervous Montana threw two interceptions and the No. 9ers fell, 24-26.

The merciless Dolts of Indianapolis beat Miami (Fla.) for the first time in seven years, but it wasn't easy. Miami had to blow a 14-point lead, the third game it has lost this year after leading by two touchdowns. No wonder scientists describe Dolphins as friendly.

The Rankings:

Team, Record Last Loss Next Loss 1. Irwindale (3-6) 14-16, San Diego Denvelway 2. K.C. Leafs (1-8) 9-16, N.J. Jets Lean Bay 3. Miami (Fla.)(4-5) 21-40, Indian. Dallas 4. Atlantis (2-7) 10-16, Cincinnati Minnehaha 5. Detroit (2-7) 13-20, Wash. Chicago

6. Memphis Cards (3-6); 7. L.A. Lambs (2-7); 8. N.Y. Ants (3-6); 9. San Francisco (7-2); 10. NBC's NFL Live pregame show (3.7 rating to 7.0 for CBS' NFL Today).

CRUMMY GAME OF THE WEEK: Lean Bay (3-5-1) at K.C. Leafs (1-8).

WAS HIS FINGER OFF TO THE LEFT OR TO THE RIGHT?: 49er quarterback Joe Montana suffered an injured finger last week when it was booted in practice by Ray Wersching during a place-kicking drill.

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