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Slow-Growth Forces Win in Hollywood Renewal Vote

November 19, 1987|MATHIS CHAZANOV | Times Staff Writer

A tie for the second seat required eight subsequent ballots before incumbent Jack V. Goodman stepped aside in favor of Herbert A. Beck, owner of a film and audio recording company.

Charges Denied

Project manager William A. Kellar denied charges during the election campaign that the Community Redevelopment Agency worked with sympathetic members of the incumbent PAC to railroad Hollywood redevelopment.

"There have been some charges that the present PAC does not constitute a representative of the area," he said. "No one has been able to prove that, and it's just unfair to the people who have been sitting on the PAC all year."

Although he said that Redevelopment Agency commissioners have final authority to make decisions, Kellar promised that the agency would be responsive to the PAC regardless of who sits on it.

"The agency does listen to them," Kellar said. "They are there for a purpose, and we do our best to explain what's happening. I might even try to find out why they're against a project, whether it's a design problem or a construction problem and attempt to resolve it."

His comments came before Monday night's election. "It's going to be interesting," he said afterwards.

"It has the potential of being a good PAC. I've been involved with a lot of PACs, and people who have a history of being on the outside and pointing fingers change their perspective sometimes when they're on the inside and they have more information."

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