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Three Cheers . . .

Eastern College Students Will Benefit From Laguna Beach Artist's Memory

November 20, 1987|Herbert J. Vida

An annual cash prize for undergraduate students at Smith College in Northampton, Mass., has been established in the memory of Megan Hart Jones of Laguna Beach, a gifted artist, writer and student at the college who died of cancer at age 20.

She remained artistically prolific until her death.

The annual award from a $10,000 endowed fund was announced at a memorial service for Jones at the college that included readings of her written work and music performed by a close friend, Christopher Jonas of Laguna Beach.

The ceremony included the dedication of a weeping cherry tree.

Jones is the daughter of Chadlyn Jones of Laguna Beach and John Paul Jones of Corona del Mar.

Janice C. Guy, Santa Ana's city clerk since 1979, wants the role of city clerk better known. So now that she has been elected president of the clerks department of the League of California Cities, she can do something about it.

"I'm installing the ACE program," Guy said, "and that means Advocate, Communicate and Educate. We hope that will help us get the message across."

In the meantime, the City Council gave her a certificate of recognition in honor of her new post.

Watercolor posters by Laguna Niguel artist Rowena Baggerly were presented to the Soviet Women's Peace Committee in Moscow and Leningrad. Titled "Togetherness in Peace," the posters depict the need for peace and friendship between the two countries.

The posters were presented by Sharon Tennison, executive director of the U.S.S.R. Initiative, a San Francisco-based women's group whose aim is to develop peace with the Soviet Union.

Publishing the "best scholarly public relations research during the past two years" won the Pathfinder Award for Cal State Fullerton professor Norman R. Nager.

The award is presented annually by the Foundation for Public Relations Research and Education, a group funded by corporations and public relations firms. Nager received $1,000.

He was recognized for his research on the business of public relations counseling, which he wrote after conducting telephone and in-person interviews with public relations counselors and client executives from throughout the United States.

Eleven French and Spanish students at Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton attended a weekend immersion program in those foreign languages at Camp-o-Ongo at Runnings Springs, near Lake Arrowhead.

"Only French or Spanish was spoken during the weekend even while they sang, danced, played games and put on skits," said Doug Prochaska, assistant principal. The school French and Spanish clubs paid for the weekend.

Attending were Emily Hein, Eris Hein, Alice Kim, Donna Lee, Julia Schwartzman, Kelly Gaarder, Shelli Wynants, Jonathan Lew, Robin Puckett and Julie Sone.

A crowd of about 120 people watched as David Gutierrez, 16, received the La Habra Boys Club's highest honor--Youth of the Year. Bill Graham, 25, was named Citizen of the Year.

Florence Arnold, 87, Fullerton artist laureate and who has been called "inimitable, original and living treasure," was honored at a recent Fullerton City Council meeting when the city accepted a 200-page oral history about her.

Known to admirers as "Flossie," her paintings appears in many museums and private collections throughout the United States and Europe and is in demand on the college lecture circuit. The oral history was written by Gloria Schlaepfer in cooperation with the Cal State Fullerton oral-history program.

The Orange County Childrens Forum presented six major child-care awards during one of the largest symposiums on child care to be held in Orange County.

Honored were Tom Martinez, county parks official; the City of La Habra; Los Angeles Times journalist Lynn Smith; state Sen. John Seymour; Orange County Day Care Assn., and Ann Kakita, who was named outstanding individual in the child care community.

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