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Morning Briefing

On the Way, He Got Case of the South Bends

November 20, 1987

When Michael Madden of the Boston Globe flew to South Bend, Ind., to cover the Boston College-Notre Dame football game, he had to switch planes in Cincinnati.

"I had never heard of the airline," Madden said. "Here I was in Cincinnati at 10 a.m., two hours before kickoff, the announcement in the little lounge was telling me the flight was being delayed a half-hour 'for weather-related reasons' and I was being asked how much I weigh before I stepped on a baby plane.

" 'Does it really matter to your pilot if I weigh 172 or 168?' I asked.

" 'I am your pilot,' the weight freak replied. 'And it matters whether you sit on the right or the left side of the plane.' "

The plane arrived in South Bend at 11:30 a.m. Madden took a cab to Notre Dame Stadium, arriving five minutes before kickoff.

Madden: "The cabbie was nice, explaining that it is the traditional policy to double the fare on game days."

Add Irish: From Coach Lou Holtz: "Somebody said to me, 'How can you call the plays from the sideline because you can't see anything?' and I said, 'Well, that's the only place I ever watched a game from when I was playing.' "

Add Holtz: With teams refusing to kick to Tim Brown, he said: "Next year, after he's gone, I'm not going to tell anyone he's graduated. I'll just put a guy wearing No. 81 back there and see what happens. It's like someone said, he's worth 150 yards just by coming out of the locker room."

Trivia Time: In the 1982 USC-UCLA game, who was the UCLA linebacker who sacked USC quarterback Scott Tinsley on a two-point conversion try, preserving a 20-19 win for the Bruins? (Answer to follow.)

With South Carolina coming up Saturday, Clemson Coach Danny Ford has issued a gag order to his players, but defensive tackle Michael Dean Perry, brother of William (Refrigerator) Perry, says: "It doesn't bother me one way or the other, because I'm going to talk."

Said the Associated Press: "After Clemson beat Maryland, Perry was not only discussing South Carolina but was giving out his home telephone number to reporters."

Gallows Humor: Monday in Arlington, Va., workers were fixing the neon lights on the restaurant owned by Washington Redskins quarterback Jay Schroeder.

Said one worker: "Yeah, we're changing it to read, 'Doug Williams' Restaurant.' "

From Oklahoma quarterback Charles Thompson, who has taken over for the injured Jamelle Holieway: "What we lose as far as Jamelle (is concerned) is experience. But I might be more dangerous. I can go 80 yards, and I can break it at any time."

Add Thompson: According to Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post, his first words as a starter against Missouri were: "This is my huddle, not Jamelle Holieway's."

Says tight end Keith Jackson: "He's gotten kind of bossy since he became a starter."

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chris Martin, who played with Bo Jackson at Auburn, told the St. Paul Pioneer Press: "I talked to some friends on the Raiders, and there's some animosity about him coming in late. There's some resentment."

Trivia Answer: Karl Morgan.


Sportscaster Dick Enberg, recalling his days as a Little League umpire: "When parents and kids started arguing with me as I walked to my car, I knew $7.50 wasn't enough."

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