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The San Diego Section Needs to Improve Its Handling of Playoffs

November 21, 1987

The San Diego Section of the CIF has to be the most "Mickey Mouse" administrative organization in high school sports. It could go a long way in looking north to the Southern Section to learn how to run playoffs.

First off, the selection process continually seems to make unfair and poorly thought-out decisions. Witness most recently leaving Vista, with a 6-4 record, out of the playoffs while choosing Patrick Henry (4-5), Granite Hills (5-5) and San Dieguito, a team that finished behind Vista in the league standings.

This makes no sense.

The same discrepancies seem to happen in all sports. Including coaches in the selection process is ridiculous.

Another idiotic move is to allow league champions a bye. Why not pair them with the weaker entries and let them play the extra game? Not only would this increase revenue, but it also would allow the fans to witness more and better football and make the championship much more meaningful. This is the only section in California that gives seeded teams a bye.

It is hoped that the San Diego Section will clean up its act and gain some credibility in the near future. The way it operates now is laughable.


El Cajon

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