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School Efforts Against Drugs

November 22, 1987

In response to your editorial of Nov. 15, I am pleased to note that you are focusing on what may be the most significant social problem for schools and the community. We couldn't agree more with your words, "What could help is school officials' working with the community and with parents in realistic anti-drug education program."

Such an alliance is now in place in the Huntington Beach Union High School District, and an aggressive agenda has been developed. The Huntington Beach Police Department, Ocean View School District, Huntington Beach Union High School District and the community, in conjunction with the Orange County Department of Education, are working together to coordinate efforts in substance-abuse prevention and intervention.

An advisory board has been formed representing parents, school staffs, community agencies, the Chamber of Commerce and local government.


Coordinator, Project NODS

(No on Drugs in Schools)

Huntington Beach

Union High School District

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