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'Testing Output of a College'

November 23, 1987

If I read the position of Healy right, he seems to be saying that a college student, simply by going to college and having to face the "challenges" of new courses, the "challenges" of social life on campus and the "challenges" of choosing a major, is being more than adequately trained to face the challenges of life! We need no further tests.

Well, how about the real world away from the ivory tower of college campuses?

How come our intellectual level worldwide is so desperately low? We lag far behind of the seriousness with which Asians take their studies or the depth of the Europeans. The real world shows that we are a poor third to these peoples in these areas.

Perhaps it is not the "testing" of the output that is a doomed idea. It is the very output of our colleges itself that is doomed.

This is due to the impoverishment of our standards and the proliferation of diploma mills where illiterate students graduate without fail!

Of course, such students know perfectly well how to socialize . . . where their beer is . . . and where their sports equipment hangs . . . but as for the real world?

Friends of mine who transferred to Europe had to have their children lose two grades--simply because the U.S. standard was much lower than the Europeans' at the high school level!



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