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Marylouise Oates

Thanksgiving Is the Day for Thanks-Saying

November 25, 1987|Marylouise Oates

This is a wonderful year to be thankful.

My desk runneth over.

And even in this mad party whirl, there are some very definite things to be thankful for about the social scene in Los Angeles.

Thanks for the enormous response of the community at large to the AIDS crisis.

Thanks for remembering the folks on Skid Row when it's not the holiday season. Thanks for the volunteers at the Downtown Women's Center, Catholic Workers, Midnight Mission, Chrysalis Center, Los Angeles Men's Place, Para Los Ninos and Las Familias del Pueblo.

Thanks for benefit organizers who tried to cut down on costs--and on the height of floral centerpieces (so nice to see those across the table).

Thanks for caterers imitating Wolfgang Puck (and serving up Spago-clone pizzas). And thanks for charity premiere organizers who don't force their paying guests to not only fork over the big bucks but then also to be served a nine-course meal at 11 p.m.

Thanks for all the big-bash givers who decided that on a week night, a party can call for "business dress."

Thanks for all the benefit givers who keep the speeches to a minimum and send us all home to bed by 10:30 p.m.

Thanks for the rosebuds that the "girl" valet parking service gives out--and now that I've said thank you, could you please dispense with this service for the next year? You have delighted me quite enough.

Thanks for all the public relations people who, after sending releases and invitations, call several times to see if they have been delivered. It is just what any columnist needs.

Thanks for new babies (who, after "Three Men and a Baby," could become really fashionable). Welcome to Brittany Field, daughter of Ted and Susie, and restaurateur Pam Morton's new daughter Isabella.

Thanks for all the charity film premieres where the movie actually started on time--just like in real life, folks.

Thanks for holding off on the Christmas fa la la. For one year, the tinsel is slow in coming in Tinseltown. It seems as though we'll get through the turkey before having to down the wassail bowl.

Thanks for the wonderful line that came out of the stock market crash--"Yes, I lost tens of millions--but it was only on paper."

Thanks for all the candidates who have decided not to run for President.

Thanks to Rep. Pat Schroeder (D-Colo.) for crying as she withdrew from presidential politics--fulfilling just about every stereotype one could think of.

Thanks for all the cults and cult figures who keep invading Hollywood (now if some of them would just bring along some ethics, we could have old-time religion).

Thanks for all the people who this year honored Dr. Armand Hammer. We hope indeed that next year "The Doctor" gets the big one, the Nobel Peace Prize--and gets a chance to stay home some evenings.

Thanks for all the people, spearheaded by Bobby Shriver, who put together "A Very Special Christmas," the Special Olympics Album from A&M records.

Thanks for everybody who makes my life so wonderful--hey, you know who you are.

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