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Agent: Veee to File Grievance Over Suspension

November 25, 1987|MARC APPLEMAN | Times Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO — Juli Veee plans to file a grievance with the Major Indoor Soccer League Players Assn. concerning the maximum 30-day suspension the club gave him Monday, according to Scott Simpson, Veee's agent.

After reviewing the tape of Veee's altercation with assistant coach Johan Aarnio after Sunday's game, Simpson said he thought Veee's suspension was too harsh and he planned to file a grievance and thereby take the case to arbitration.

Simpson said he did not file a grievance Tuesday because he wants John Kerr, the director of the MISL Players Assn., to offer his opinion on the incident after seeing the tape. Simpson said he spoke to Kerr Tuesday, and Kerr asked that a tape be sent immediately.

"On Monday, I talked to Ron Cady (Socker president), and he painted a pretty bleak picture of Juli's action," Simpson said. "The tape is not as Ron Cady portrayed it to be. After reviewing the tape myself, it didn't happen that way. In watching the tape, I think there are a lot of things to be considered. From what I saw on the tape, I don't think it deserves the maximum penalty.

"Juli shouldn't have responded the way he did, but he wasn't the only one who had culpability. Juli wasn't following Johan. Johan was following Juli, saying something. He (Veee) gave him a slap. Then Johan came after him. Juli does not have 100% culpability (in this incident). This is not over."

Aarnio said he had a "verbal confrontation" with Veee during Sunday's game. As the Sockers came off the field after their 4-1 victory over Minnesota Sunday, Veee hit Aarnio with an open-handed slap. Aarnio staggered back, and then attempted to hit Veee, but missed. Veee then held Aarnio off.

On Simpson's advice, the usually outspoken Veee continued to refuse comment on the incident with Aarnio or the suspension. However, Cady did comment when he was told what Simpson had said.

"I'm sorry to hear Scott Simpson make that statement," Cady said. "I'm disappointed. I'm unhappy to hear that, if they are going to fight us."

Socker Notes On Tuesday, the Major Indoor Soccer League Board of Directors approved an amendment to the MISL regulations that raises the number of players who may dress for a game from 14 to 15, effective immediately. Teams were allowed to dress 15 players last year, and there was considerable opposition to the new rule after its implementation this season.

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