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Volunteers Spread the Holiday Spirit

November 26, 1987|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

Thank goodness for Los Angeles' cause-makers and volunteers. They never stop. Well, maybe for a bite of turkey. Sometimes, not even that.

On Wednesday the Rev. Mark Holsinger, director of the Los Angeles Mission, gathered the likes of Cloris Leachman, Ed Begley Jr. and Jeff Bridges for Hollywood dressing while serving turkey, pie and trimmings to about 3,500 homeless men, women and children. It was the reminder that an estimated 33,000 homeless throughout Los Angeles County would spend the holiday cold and hungry on the streets.

If you so please, the Salvation Army would kindly take more than a nickel in the kettle during the coming season. On Friday, Steve Allen and spouse Jayne Meadows will be at Farmers Market along with Lt. Col. David P. Riley, Salvation Army divisional commander, and Morey Amsterdam, Foster Brooks and Robert Donner for the Christmas Kettle Kickoff at 11 a.m.

Since its beginning in San Francisco in 1891, the kettle and accompanying bell ringing have symbolized Christmas giving and the Salvation Army's caring. According to Rosemary McNulty, more than 300 kettles will be positioned throughout Los Angeles and "multi-thousands" all over California. They are tended by volunteers--Army members, their friends, relatives and children.

AND THEN YULETIDE: Barbro Taper will host a Christmas luncheon at the Regency Club. Giney Milner will fete Rudolf Nureyev at a luncheon a few days later. More partying on the circuit: Marvin and Barbara Davis have invitations out for their black-tie dinner-dance, Cubby and Dana Broccoli for a dinner-dance at their estate, Fritz and Ingrid Ingram for their party at home in Beverly Hills. Douglas Cramer takes over the Bistro for his black-tie dinner-dance.

GORDON GETTY: "I write music to please myself, and if there is no one out there who likes it, that is too bad." Looking very professorial, with his curly hair, thick glasses and perpetual smile, Gordon P. Getty amused the members of the Hollywood Bowl Patroness Committee gathered in the parlor of Louise Jones' home the other morning.

It was good friend Jeanne Johnson who persuaded the San Franciscan (a son of the late J. Paul Getty) to lecture, but the lecture was really quips and comments, while the ladies listened to selections from Getty's "The White Election," songs for piano and soprano embodying poems by Emily Dickinson.

He wouldn't play the cassette of his opera/concert piece, "Plump Jack," because, "I want you to come out and see it in March" (tentatively March 23 at the Music Center); it will be fully staged on the Dartmouth campus in July and by the Marin Opera next October.

Later, over Chinese chicken salad, lunching with Alyce Williamson and Peter Hemmings at the same table, Getty said he'd like to do a composition on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher." "The only argument is that it is not a noble theme," he said. Among the crowd were Julie Snoddy (getting her house ready for the Holiday Look-In tour), Catherine Hearst, Barbara Meyler, Penne Durst, Martha Payne, Bettie Jensen, and John and Beverly Tarr.

MAJOR BIRTHDAY: Hannah Kully was the celeb at the California Club when her mother, Harriet Smith, hosted a cozy birthday luncheon before Hannah and Russ Kully, Olin and Ann Barrett, and Bob and Carolyn Volk joined the Fellows of Contemporary Art for an art-gazing weekend in Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez.

KUDOS: Wilhemina Diener took reservations for the $30,000 BMW Grand Prix champagne brunch to benefit the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Los Angeles Equestrian Center. . . . Smithsonian Angels, including Harriet Luckman and Francine Maroney, lunched at Jimmy's with Polly Willman of the Brooklyn Museum. Willman is restoring First Ladies' inaugural gowns at the Smithsonian. . . . Buckley School trustees thanked supporters at a cocktail party at the home of Barron and Marilyn Hilton. . . . Angel (Angie) M. Echevarria was named humanitarian of the year by the Home Furnishings Industry Chapter of the City of Hope. . . . Maurice (Bud) Schoenholz was honored with the "Award of Hope" by the City of Hope at the Beverly Hilton.

MORE THANKSGIVING: Over the holiday weekend, In the Wings and its president, Mark Foster, with his wife, Claudia, and a crowd including Brad and Margaret Dietz, Frank and Victoria Hobbs, Reed Graves, Mark Phillips, Andi Andersen, Susan Janes Hilton and John deMarco will join for a dessert reception in the Side Lobby of the Ahmanson Theater after the performance of Gore Vidal's "The Best Man". . . . Some of Southern California's top contemporary artists will be at Bullock's Beverly Center on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 1 and 3 p.m. to sign copies of the 1988 California Artists Calendar, the sleek week-at-a-glance date book published by the California/International Arts Foundation and featuring portraits of 29 California artists photographed by Jim McHugh. At $12.95 it's a must for art lovers. Bullock's Beverly Center hosts a reception Sunday for the artists.

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