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Defending the Lyrics

November 27, 1987

I found "Speed Metal:Fans Fixate on Oblivion" (by Ann Japenga, Nov. 18) to be written from the standpoint of someone who was negative regarding this subject in the first place.

I happen to be a member of the band Cryptic Slaughter mentioned in the article. It was stated that our band typically fixated on death and violence. It is quite clear we are a book judged by its cover. How about reading some of our lyrics from the title track of our second album "Money Talks."

Someone hassles you try giving them a ten

I'm sure they'll never bother you again

Because money talks and people listen

To get rich is the American ambition.

Or how about the chorus to "Set Your Own Pace"?

Make your own decisions

And do things your own way

No matter what they tell you

You have to set your own pace

Another song is "Too Much, Too Little," which deals with a technological society. The song "Tables Are Turned" has to do with the Iran Scam:

In my life time, I hope to see

People living with real peace

Without fear of death unreal

Without pain they already feel

"American Heroes" relates to the painful subject of the Space Shuttle disaster. I do agree that incident was both "death and destruction," but I honestly don't think that was the context in which the article was written. The list goes on all pointing the finger at the writer, who thinks this type of music has nothing to say.

On to the subject of live performances. A majority of the crowd that attends our shows are there for a good time, to have fun, meet people and watch the music they enjoy listening to. The shows aren't an outlet for tunneled aggression. If this article was written by a person actually involved in the scene, maybe the readers could see a positive view in the subject of speed metal, punk, etc.


Mar Vista

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