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Glitter Gap

November 29, 1987|Nikki Finke

CBS will broadcast last Sunday's Variety Club tribute to Joan Collins on Wednesday--but don't tune in expecting to see her "Dynasty" co-stars John Forsythe and Linda Evans, or even exec producer Aaron Spelling.

"Dynasty" regulars Gordon Thomson, Michael Nader, Terri Gerber and producers Elaine Rich and Esther and Richard Shapiro showed up, but the big guns were noticeably absent.

A spokesman for Collins told us, "Obviously, everyone was invited. But some people had previous commitments."

According to a spokeswoman for the show, Evans and Forsythe left for NYC that day to make a personal appearance "as part of their obligation" as glamorous spokesfolks for the Charles of the Ritz perfumes. Spelling wasn't there "because it was his (19th) wedding anniversary," said his press rep, Al Newman.

(According to Who's Who, Spelling's anniversary was Monday , not Sunday.)

The "Dynasty" spokeswoman swears everything's OK among the players: "I'm not being Pollyannish. Two years ago, everyone admitted there was trouble. But not now. This is probably the best the show's been (relations-wise) in a long time."

But not ratings-wise: The once-mighty soap was down to 39th in last week's Nielsens.

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