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Quibbles & Bits

November 29, 1987

. . . At last week's cast/crew screening of "Walker," held at Universal, a contingent in the rows near director Alex Cox hissed and booed when the name of exec producer Ed Pressman came on screen. "I was embarrassed. Not for Pressman--but for their bad manners," said an Outtakes spy. "I felt like I was back in high school."

. . . Maybe there are boom mikes hanging down from heavenly ceilings--the better to stay in touch with God? How else to explain the technical gaffe that's clearly visible when Timothy Hutton enters the celestial computer center in Alan Rudolph's "Made in Heaven"?

. . . Bantam's just published the long-awaited 112-page bio "Kirk Cameron: Dream Guy." By Grace Catalano, it delves into his "early years" as a child actor. (Cameron's now a crusty 17.) And shows, via interviews, that he remains "well-adjusted despite his sky-rocketing career." Whew!

. . . There are three--count 'em, three--bios of director Tom McLoughlin in the press kit for DEG's "Date With an Angel." One mentions that McLoughlin (director of "One Dark Night" and "Friday the 13th--Part VI--Jason Lives") used to act "to pay the bills." Not mentioned: His role as the mutant killer bear in the 1979 bomb "Prophecy."

. . . Lucky Market's still pushing its "3's a Crowd" campaign ("More than three in line, another checkstand will open"). But we were seventh in line at our crowded neighborhood Lucky the other night--with two checkstands remaining closed!

. . . What's an apt way of describing a two-night Russ Meyer film retrospective (Dec. 11-12 at the Los Feliz Theater)? How about "the world's most stacked spectacular"?

. . . We fumbled: Marcus Allen plays for the Raiders, not the Rams, as we had it last week.

. . . The newly arrived Canadian actor was late to his audition for a Disney-produced "Meet the Munchies" TV pilot and finally phoned the casting director to apologize for his hourlong search for her office. Only then did he discover the studio does not operate out of . . . Disneyland.

Kicker: The casting director gave him directions to the Burbank lot and let him read anyway.

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