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New Zealand Discounts

November 29, 1987|JACK ADLER

Quality Inns has launched a New Zealand hotel pass program that enables travelers to get discounts from 20% to 50% off regular rates at 13 of its properties throughout New Zealand.

You have to purchase a minimum of five vouchers, each costing $70. This price includes the government's GST (goods and services tax).

These vouchers are good until Dec. 31, 1988. They can be used at the same hotel or at five different properties. Hotel stays don't have to be on consecutive nights. In addition, the vouchers are good for single, double and triple occupancy.

The vouchers have to be purchased in the United States through travel agents.

You can make your first night's reservation (always a good idea), or all your reservations, while still in the United States. However, you can make on-going reservations in New Zealand, with the hotels making the bookings.

Refunds are offered for any number of unused vouchers, minus a $35 processing charge.

Among the destinations in New Zealand with Quality Inns are Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Queenstown and Christchurch.

Meanwhile, New Zealand Railways is continuing to offer its Travelpass, which allows visitors unlimited use of the largest train, bus and inter-island ferry network in the country.

There are three packages. The eight-day pass, until Dec. 14, costs $160; 15 days, $204, and 22 days, $255. Rates from Dec. 15, 1987, to Jan. 31, 1988, will be $206, $313 and $363, respectively. From Feb. 1 to Dec. 14, 1988, the rates will be $177 for eight days, $247 for 15 days and $305 for 22 days.

The Travelpass also provides discounts at Best Western Motels.

The eight-day pass has to be bought in the United States, but the two longer passes can be purchased in New Zealand (except during the Dec. 15 to Jan. 31 period, when all three have to be bought in the United States). Each pass can be open-dated, but once you begin your travels, use is on a consecutive-day basis. Additional days, up to six, can be bought at $13 per day until Dec. 14, $21 from Dec. 15, 1987 to Jan. 31, 1988, and $16 from Feb. 14 to Dec. 14, 1988.

Contact travel agents or the New Zealand Tourist and Publicity Office, 10960 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1530, Los Angeles 90024, (213) 477-8241, for additional information.

Remember that with the reversal of seasons, the high season in New Zealand runs until about April, 1988. This means hotel space may be harder to get, with early reservations recommended.

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