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Title Town

December 06, 1987

When Frank Capra's autobiography, "Name Above the Title" appeared, he couldn't have know the Pandora's Box he had opened.

Jay Sharbutt reminds us of the "egomania" that pervades Hollywood ("Credit Where Credit Is Overdue," Nov. 29). A "creative talent" deserves credit in advertisements, main titles and "end roll-ups" on the screen. The egotism of brokers, bookkeepers and fund raisers designated as executive producers, associate producers, presented bys, in association withs, etc., ad infinitum, gets a little boring.

Most of the non-creative talent tries to outdo each other in the number of times their names are repeated in publicity connected with the film.

Even the name chiseled in granite on a tombstone is not repeated.

A Marvin Landfield Letter

Created by Marvin Landfield

Written by Marvin Landfield

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