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Keep Eye Out for Unsafe Toys, Society Urges

December 06, 1987

The National Society to Prevent Blindness urges people to check their Christmas lists twice for toys that could injure the eyes of children.

Last year, children's toys were responsible for more than 6,000 eye injuries in children under 15.

The society offers these holiday tips:

- Avoid projectile toys such as dart guns, BB guns, slingshots and bows and arrows.

- Check toys for sharp, exposed edges, points, nails, screws and pins.

- Check for loose parts that can expose sharp metal or plastic.

- Avoid toys that shatter or break easily.

- Examine dolls, stuffed animals and other soft toys for rigid interiors that can poke through outside covering.

- Avoid inexpensive novelty sunglasses that can break and cut the eyes.

- Inspect toys for damage.

For more eye safety tips, write for the free brochure "Play It Safe." Enclose a stamped, self-addressed, business-size envelope and send to NSPB, 249 E. Emerson Ave., Suite F, Orange, Calif. 92665.

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