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Cancer Society's Stolen Computer

December 06, 1987

Volunteers and staff members at the Orange County Unit of the American Cancer Society were deeply saddened Nov. 25.

Even though the day started normally, the upbeat atmosphere soon vanished. Bad news spreads quickly, and we all soon learned that one of our computers had been stolen the evening before--a computer donated to our office by a benevolent donor; a computer long-awaited and badly needed; a computer that played a significant role in our fight against cancer and in our programs of research, public education and patient services.

We ask only that the individual responsible for the theft take a brief moment to consider the consequences of his or her act.

We are hopeful and optimistic that the computer will be returned to us soon, where it can once again serve a worthy cause. Until then, any information leading to its return would be greatly appreciated (no questions asked).


Executive Director,

American Cancer Society

Orange County Unit

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