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Morning Briefing

Trumpy Sizes Up a Career

December 06, 1987

When announcer Bob Trumpy played tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals, he wore No. 84.

The number now is being worn by wide receiver Eric Kattus, and somebody asked Trumpy why it hadn't been retired.

"They retired my size, not my number," he said.

Wait a Minute: Pat Cash of Australia said he's undecided as to whether he should compete in the Olympic Games next year at Seoul, South Korea.

"My personal opinion is that tennis does not fit into the Olympic Games," he said. "I was at the last Olympics and I think it's very much an athletics sort of thing."

Equestrian? Yachting? Pistol shooting?


Said Larry Holmes, after Mike Tyson refused to shake hands with him at a New York luncheon promoting their Jan. 22 fight: "I always shake hands with my opponents, but when I reached out to shake Mike's hand, he pulled back. I'm a people person and a people's champion. I know how to treat people, and when Mike Tyson learns that, he'll be a great human being. I had a lot of respect for Mike Tyson. I even have his picture up on the wall of my office. But that will come down now."

Said Tyson, a man of fewer words, when asked why he refused to shake hands: "Because I wanted to. I don't like Larry Holmes."

Trivia Time: What do football coaches Barry Switzer of Oklahoma, Jimmy Johnson of Miami, Pat Jones of Oklahoma State and Ken Hatfield of Arkansas have in common? (Answer below.)

From Stan Isle of the Sporting News: "The Dallas Mavericks' 7-1 Uwe Blab, a math and computer science major from Indiana, spent the summer working for Texas Instruments as a computer programmer. 'I really don't know much about him,' said a fellow employee, 'but he sure was easy to spot in the cafeteria.' "

From Georgetown basketball Coach John Thompson: "I'd rather have five brick-throwers who can play defense than have a whole bunch of shooters out there. I told the kids shooting is like spending money. If you spend money without putting some in the bank, you'll go broke. Defense puts money in the bank."

From NCAA News, passing along another malapropism from former Florida State football coach Bill Peterson: "Trying to fire up his team before a big game, he said, 'Just remember the words of Henry Patrick--'Kill me or let me live.' "

Was the Kansas State football team as bad as its 0-11 record? Worse.

After the Wildcats closed out the season with a 41-0 loss to Colorado, nose tackle Kyle Rappold of the Buffaloes was quoted in the Boston Globe as saying: "I don't want to make fun of them, or hurt those guys' feelings, but, man, it seemed like a Tuesday or Wednesday practice to us. Well, now that I think of it, I can't even say that. Our practices are harder.

"One senior on their team actually said, 'Don't hit us so hard. I want to go home.' It was their last game, but they didn't have any pride. None at all. They acted like they all had dates at 4:45."

Trivia Answer: They all attended the University of Arkansas, where they played under Frank Broyles.


Richard Roberts, executive vice president of Oral Roberts University, on his hopes for the basketball team: "I don't expect us to go 28-0, but I don't believe you can be a witness for Christ and go 0-28."

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