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Local News in Brief : Countywide : Expanded Coverage of Amnesty Loans Starts

December 07, 1987

Individuals and couples seeking amnesty under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 now may apply for loans to pay the cost of applying for amnesty.

The loans are offered by a consortium of Security Pacific Bank and four foundations: California Community, Conrad N. Hilton, Ralph M. Parsons and James Irvine.

Until now, the consortium offered loans only to families with at least one child and required that all be illegal residents seeking amnesty. The new loans, however, are available to single people or individuals whose spouses or children may be U.S. citizens.

The loan amounts are $275 for one adult, $425 for an adult and a child, and $535 for two adults. All the loans must be repaid within two years at 10% interest.

Applicants must qualify for amnesty, have an open case with an amnesty organization, show proof of current employment and income and have a satisfactory credit history.

Clifford Lum, a spokesman for the consortium, said 275 applications have been received under the old loan program and 172 have been approved.

"That's a 62.5% approval rate, and we've expanded the system to make even more people eligible for the loans. We want to encourage more people to come into the amnesty processing organizations," Lum said.

Loans are available through 110 agencies in eight California counties, including Orange County. For information, call (213) 686-0950.

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