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Morning Briefing

Shaky or Not, Maybe Bo Needs a Roommate

December 07, 1987

For Bo Jackson, Los Angeles is nice place to pursue a hobby, but he doesn't plan to settle down here.

He told Dave Nightingale of the Sporting News: "My condo is twice as big as the one I had in Kansas City, but I'm paying five times as much as I did in K.C.

"I don't think I'll ever buy a place out here. This place is too shaky for me. There are too many earthquakes.

"Besides, there's too many beautiful women around here. You can't believe all the beautiful women. A guy could get in trouble out here."

Add Forgettable Quotes: Said challenger Muhammad Qawi before the cruiserweight title fight with Evander Holyfield Saturday night: "I don't think he punches that hard. He punches like a sissy."

Holyfield turned out his lights in the fourth.

Said Chicago Bear quarterback Jim Harbaugh when asked to compare the sideline intensity of Mike Ditka with his coach at Michigan, Bo Schembechler: "When it comes to going after officials, Ditka is worse than Bo, except maybe when Bo was younger. Ditka uses every word you can think of. At Denver, he went after this one official and spit gum right in his ear."

Trivia Time: With the Buffalo Bills in 1964, who introduced soccer-style kicking to pro football? (Answer below.)

Would-you-believe-it dept.: The Detroit Pistons outdrew the Detroit Lions over the weekend at the Silverdome. The crowd for the Pistons-Boston Celtics game Friday night was 34,523. The crowd for Sunday's Lions-Rams game was 33,413.

Add Lions: Coach Darryl Rogers said he's got enough problems without worrying about what the fans are saying.

He put it this way: "Don't worry about the monkeys throwing coconuts when the elephants are stampeding."

Did Indianapolis General Manager Jim Irsay have any idea the Colts would be in the Super Bowl chase at this stage of the season?

Hardly. In fact, he made reservations for a ski trip in January.

"I'm hoping I lose that deposit," he said.

The most productive player in baseball? It's Eric Davis of the Cincinnati Reds, according to a run-production formula devised three years ago to be used in arbitration cases. Last season, Davis had a run-production average of .326.

The American League leader was Paul Molitor of Milwaukee at .319. Gary Pettis, traded last week by the Angels to Detroit, had the league's lowest average at .145.

Good-news-bad-news dept.: The Denver Nuggets have a halftime promotion in which a fan shoots three-pointers for a minute. If one goes in, the fan gets a round-trip airline ticket to any destination in the United States.

The Sporting News reported that after four games two fans already had hit three-pointers. That equaled the production of the Nuggets in the same period.

Both the fans were women.

Billy Ray Smith of the San Diego Chargers explains why he's happier at outside linebacker: "Inside linebackers like to play smashmouth. They lose brain cells faster than any other profession in the U.S."

Trivia Answer: Pete Gogolak.


William Gay of the Detroit Lions, looking ahead bravely with a quote right out of Yogi Berra: "I still keep my head to the grindstone."

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