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PSA Plane From L.A. Crashes; All 44 Dead : Gunshots Are Reported on Flight to L.A.

December 08, 1987|ERIC MALNIC | Times Staff Writer

Karen Fox, hometown unknown.

Donald Hoag, San Francisco.

Jocelyn G. Kempe, Ventura.

Kathryn Mika, Arcadia.

Owen Murphy, hometown unknown

Wayne Nelson, hometown unknown

Allen F. Swanson, Los Angeles area

James R. Sylla, San Francisco area

CALIFORNIA'S WORST AIR CRASHESSept. 25, 1978: 144 killed when PSA Boeing 727 collided with a small private craft over San Diego.

June 25, 1965: 84 killed when U.S. Air Force C-135 hit mountain and crashed after takeoff from Los Angeles.

Aug. 31, 1986: 82 killed when Aeromexico DC-9 collided with a small private craft over Cerritos.

June 6, 1971: 50 killed when Hughes Air West CD-9 collided with Marine Phantom F-4 fighter jet.

Aug. 24, 1951: 50 killed when United DC-6B crashed near Fremont.

Feb. 1, 1958: 48 killed when MATS C-118 collided with USN P2V Neptune over Los Angeles.

Dec. 7, 1987: 44 killed when PSA BAe-146 crashed near Paso Robles after gunshots were reported in the plane.

May 7, 1964: 44 killed when Pacific F-27 crashed near Concord, a tape recording indicating the pilot was shot.

Feb. 17, 1956: 40 killed when Marine R5D crashed carrying Marines near Miles.

Jan. 18, 1969: 38 killed when United Airlines B-727 crashed shortly after takeoff from Los Angeles.

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