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December 09, 1987

Nuclear Weapons Not Affected by the INF Treaty

The intermediate-range missiles that will be eliminated under the INF accord represent only a tiny fraction--a little more than 4%--of the nuclear warheads in the arsenals of the superpowers and their allies. The following weapons will remain: STRATEGIC (LONG-RANGE) WEAPONS

U.S. and Soviet negotiators are moving toward agreement to reduce weapons in this category by about 50% on both sides, although the final number of launchers and warheads that will remain must still be negotiated. Both U.S. and Soviet officials have said they hope to sign an agreement to reduce the number of strategic weapons next year in Moscow.

Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles

Launchers Warheads United States 1,000 2,268 Soviet Union 1,390 6,388

Ballistic Missile Submarines

(some carrying sea-launched cruise missiles in addition to ballistic missiles)

Submarines Launchers Warheads United States 36 640 5,632 Soviet Union 62 948 3,668


(long-range bombers, some carrying air-launched cruise missiles)

Launchers Warheads United States 332 4,352 Soviet Union 160 840

TACTICAL WEAPONS Short-Range Missiles in Europe

Launchers Warheads U.S. and NATO 188 1,385 Soviet Union 1,384 1,384


Launchers Warheads U.S. and NATO 4,711 2,015 Soviet Union 7,040 2,820

Nuclear-Capable Strike Aircraft

Number Deployed Number of Bombs United States 3,359 3,250 Allied Forces (bombs under U.S. control) 484 321 Soviet Union 4,525 4,800

Nuclear Forces at Sea

(sea-launched cruise missiles, anti-submarine weapons, torpedoes, depth charges, air-defense missiles)

Warheads United States and NATO 2,195 Soviet Union 2,194 (estimated) French Independent Nuclear Forces (Missiles, Aircraft and Submarines) 313 British Independent Nuclear Forces (Missiles, Aircraft and Submarines) 496

Sources: The Arms Control Assn. and "The Bomb Book: The Nuclear Arms Race in Facts and Figures" (Natural Resources Defense Council, December, 1987)

* Chart does not include independent nuclear forces of China.

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