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December 10, 1987

In response to Lewis H. Lapham's column ("Give Greed a Sporting Chance," Op-Ed Page, Nov. 28): I realize the article is a spoof, but this sentence is delivered in all seriousness:

"Most Americans delight in gambling, and they recognize capitalism as a largely irrational means of distributing the nation's wealth."

Irrational? I submit that capitalism is not only the most rational system, but also that it is the only morally justifiable system. If Lapham thinks that what we see around us is a capitalist society, he's mistaken. He is correct if he says that the current system is irrational. I read the article thinking from the title that he was going to ask us to give capitalism a chance.

The nation's wealth? Where does he think it came from? There is only private wealth. Only tax money can be redistributed. Capitalism does not exist to give the unearned to the unproductive.

Later, he mentions the "riddle of the federal budget" in reference to cleaning up the deficit. There is no riddle, just tough choices.

This man is a sloppy thinker. Though the article is a spoof, he reveals his premises.



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