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Cleaning Up With an Electrical Brush

December 10, 1987|HERB HAIN

Ann Mears of Irvine wants to know if anyone makes a carpet-cleaning machine superior to a steam cleaner, something similar to the electrically powered rotating - brush devices used about 30 years ago. Can you help before Mears calls all of us on the carpet, or will she be steaming because she's convinced that she's been getting the brush-off?

Wanda Pollack of Victorville is looking for a product that conceals furniture scratches ; the item she formerly used, made by a firm in Oakland, is no longer on the market. Can you help Pollack scrape by, or will she scratch her head wondering whether she may have to start from scratch?

Mary Jo Stirling of Pacific Palisades wants to find a service that will put a new satin corner on her down comforter. Can you help by cornering the market for her, or will the fact that you let her down be of small comfort for her?

Reader-to Reader-Help Line: Charlotte at (818) 343-0572 would like to get her hands on a Sunbeam steam iron made in the '50s that featured a plastic cord attached to a container for distilled water; the iron, Charlotte says, was much smaller than the ones used today. Please help and make sure that Charlotte won't have to get steamed up again over such a piddling matter . . . Sallie at (619) 696-8090 needs a Model B1T85-2 electric toothbrush that goes vertically and horizontally , using two watts on 120 volts. Please help give Sallie something that she can sink her teeth into. . . . Mrs. Hurst at (714) 496-7805 is trying to locate a Model 18615 Fiberglass laundry tub sold a long time ago by Montgomery Ward ; it was 36 inches high and 24 by 21 1/2 inches across the top. Now wouldn't it be a dirty shame if Mrs. Hurst blew her top because nobody helped? . . . Julie at (213) 541-8558 would like to find that old picture of a small child in drop-seat pajamas , dragging a teddy bear behind him; the back panel of the pajamas is partially open. The picture is called "With a Little 'Bear' Behind."

Note: The Reader-to-Reader Help Line is only for one-time items or for products no longer available in stores. And you must give us written permission to publish your telephone number, so that others may contact you directly.

Dolly Riskin of Camarillo, who was looking for someone to restore a red Venetian glass cornucopia, might have to cool her heels in a lagoon for a while. Dorothy Barrick of Eagle Rock and Kate Reeves of Fullerton both recommended Michael Reese Fine Arts Restorers, but we couldn't find him at either of the two locations our readers mentioned. (Where are you, Michael?) Barrick also suggested Cordier's Restoration, 1619 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles. And E. Trudell of San Pedro says she had a stemmed candy dish restored by Renaissance Art Restorers, 661 N. Spaulding Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 90048, (213) 655-9405.

For Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. A. J. Norman, both of whom were looking for wooden Chinese checkers, we have a source. (Wouldn't you know it's mail order?) V. B. Eddas of Alhambra writes that Harriet Carter, Dept. 47, North Wales, Pa. 19455, offers a Chinese solitaire game that is played like checkers, but with marbles.

For Joe Singer, who was looking for roasted, unsalted pumpkin seeds in the shell, we have something for him to chew on. Chris Elia of Long Beach says such seeds can be found at the All-American Nut Co. in Cerritos. Ruth Philips reports that all the Mrs. Gooch's stores carry the item. Ruth Sillivan of Los Angeles suggests Rosenberg's House of Nuts on San Pedro Street, Los Angeles. And Rita Lewis of Westchester recommends removing the seeds from the pumpkin and roasting them for 10 to 15 minutes at low heat. (She says just thinking about it makes her mouth water.)

Kei Kawa of West Covina, who was on the lookout for Snoopy caps for student pilots, may have to fly some distance for the ultimate high. Dina S. Smith of Canoga Park says the catalogue put out by Banana Republic, P. O. Box 7737, San Francisco, Calif. 94120, carries lambskin flight helmets and Snoopy caps. Ruth Sillivan of Los Angeles suggests two other mail-order firms: REI, P. O. Box 88125, Seattle, Wash. 98188, and Cabela's, 812 13th Ave., Sidney, Neb. 69160.

Herb Hain cannot answer mail personally but will, space permitting, respond in this column to readers who need--or have--helpful information. Write (do not telephone) to You Can Help!, You section, the Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles 90053.

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