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For His Next Trick, Bo May Hoop It Up

December 10, 1987|MARK HEISLER

And now, Bo the hoopster?

Bo Jackson is a great football player and a major league baseball player. As a high school senior, he was Alabama's top sprinter, and he has just been drafted by the Orange County entry in the new International Basketball Assn. for players 6-4 and under.

Presumably, he will be offered a contract that won't interfere with either his baseball or football obligations.

Is he interested?

You bet he is.

"I've got my basketball," Jackson said Wednesday, laughing. "It's out in the car. I've got sneakers just for that.

"If I can recall, I was drafted in the 13th round, the 129th person picked, by a California team. I'm quite sure I'll hear from somebody that drafted me.

"I don't know how to play. But, if they want to talk money, I'm interested."

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