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How We See Ourselves

December 11, 1987


Taken altogether, how would you say things are going for you these days?

Those answering 'very happy' increased: 10%

1982: 34% 1987: 44% QUALITY OF LIFE

Thinking about the quality of life in Orange County, how do you think that things are going?


'Very well': 37% 'Somewhat well': 50% 'Badly': 13% WHAT CONCERNS US

Traffic was perceived as the county's most important problem.

The number of single-occupant cars on our roads has increased 4%.


How do you usually commute to work?


On a typical day, about how long does it take you to get from home to the place where you report for work?

The number of people who drive more than 20 minutes to work increased 7%.

The number of people favoring construction of new freeways doubled in five years.

What best describes how you feel about the freeways in Orange County?


Build new freeways: 51%

Most agreed with the statement: "Traffic will only get worse, since there are no solutions to today's transportation problems.": 57% agreed.


A strong majority supports city and countywide growth restrictions.

Would you vote Yes or No on a ballot measure that would allow new developments in the county only if traffic conditions around the proposed sites meet acceptable standards?

'YES' in city/area: 78% 'YES' in Orange County: 74% 'YES' in both city and county: 68% HOUSING

A vast majority of residents in Orange County (and the nation) prefer to live in detached, single-family homes. However, the number of those able to do so in the county has decreased.

1982: 57% 1987: 49% INCOME/INFLATION

The annual increase in median income has declined, while the cost of living continues to rise.

SOURCE:1987 Orange County Annual Survey

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