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Unprecedented Cuban Review Plan Unveiled

December 11, 1987|Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department today unveiled an unprecedented review process for 7,600 Cuban detainees in the United States to give them one last chance to remain in this country.

The procedure includes the right to an attorney and the right to counter derogatory information contained in immigration files at hearings before special Justice Department panels, from which immigration officials would be excluded.

For the 2,500 Cubans facing deportation under a U.S.-Cuban agreement announced last month, the department will create "special review panels for Mariel Cubans" to be made up of three representatives of the department.

"These panels will provide a detainee an additional opportunity, with adequate advance notice, and with the advice and help of counsel, to explain why he should not be repatriated," Deputy Atty. Gen. Arnold Burns said in a statement.

Review Panels Planned

In addition, officials will set up review panels composed of three department officials to review the cases of other detained Mariel Cubans who receive adverse parole decisions from immigration officials.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service, which has been the target of much resentment from Cubans who came over in the boat lift from Mariel, is specifically barred from being represented on the newly created panels.

The INS will continue to make initial determinations on whether a detainee should be paroled.

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