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U.S. Products, Trade Deficit

December 12, 1987

For the past 10 years, I have purchased almost exclusively American products.

In almost every instance, I purchased the American product for a price less than or equal to the foreign product.

In almost every instance I obtained a product of similar or superior quality.

In most cases, however, when I explained to the salesperson my desire to purchase an American product, the response was condescending at best, hostile at worst.

To the best that I can determine, I have not suffered inordinately in a financial sense vis-a-vis my peers for my determination to buy American. Neither have I been burdened with products that break down or wear out prematurely as some would have us believe. Some products, like my 7-year-old $79 lawn mower and my 10-year-old hair dryer seem to enjoy abuse. Others, like my wing-tip shoes may go in my will, as they are certain to outlast me. While others, like my new mini-van, simply have no foreign competition period.

Those who say that American products are inferior have not looked. Those that believe that American products are always more expensive, don't know how to shop. And those that purchase foreign goods, regardless, they will doubtless be the first ones crying out when their jobs are lost to foreign competition. Wake up, America!



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