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How To Make Your Kitchen Kosher

December 12, 1987

A kosher kitchen must be cleansed thoroughly using boiling water and fire. All appliances should be washed using liquid detergents and/or cleansers, then rinsed several times.

Oven: Broiler shelves should be taken apart and washed separately, while using a standard oven cleaner to remove impurities and fat. If necessary, wash and rinse oven after removing cleaner. Turn oven up to maximum temperature for two to three hours. Method 1--After washing stove burners, place in hot oven for at least 45 minutes. Method 2--Use blow torch on stove burners.

Refrigerator: Clean and rinse using a mild detergent.

Sink: Only stainless steel sinks can be made kosher. The sink acts as a temporary holding place and should be washed thoroughly and rinsed. Pour boiling water around sides of sink.

Dishwasher: Dishwashers should not be used in a kosher kitchen. But if used, remove dish racks and wash several times using complete cycles. Wash dish racks and rinse with boiling water. Plastic racks should be replaced with metal racks.

Utensils: Method 1--After washing, pots should be filled with water, placed on stove and brought to a boil for 45 minutes to an hour. Empty water in sink, then pour boiling water from a kettle around edges to purify top edges and sides. Method 2--drop a stone in pot with boiling water, allow water to run over the sides and spill on stove.

Silverware: Method 1--Wash several times and rinse in boiling water. Method 2--Wash silverware, drop into a large pot of boiling water, remove and rinse in cold water.

Glassware: Method 1--Wash and soak glasses every 24 hours for three days. After 72 hours, the glassware may be used. Method 2--After washing glasses, place carefully in large pot of boiling water, remove quickly, place on drying rack then sprinkle with cold water before completely dry.

Dishes: Buy two sets of dishes and use separate sets for meat and dairy products.

Foods: Any fruits and vegetables are allowed to be eaten. However, shop for kosher meats. Use non-dairy products such as Mother's Margarine, Mocha Mix and Coffee Rich. Avoid breads and cooking oils containing lard and/or animal fats.

Compiled by Henry Rivero / Los Angeles Times

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