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A Metaphysical Way to Make Fido Heal

December 14, 1987|LYNN SIMROSS | Times Staff Writer

If you thought the New Age was only for people, think again. Now comes Critter Crystals, little "pet rocks" for the well-being of your dog or cat.

Designed by singer/songwriter Kate Porter of Studio City, the 3/4-inch-long crystals are laminated to a small copper heart that can be worn by the animal on its collar to serve as "a harmonizing factor." Like crystals for people, those for animals are believed to have a healing effect on the mind, body and spirit.

Porter's product also can double as a pet tag--the back can be engraved with the animal's name, owner's name and phone number.

"Originally I put them on my own animals for six months, and then tried them out on my friends' pets," Porter said. "I have had crystals around my own neck for four or five years, so I thought they would be good for the animals. They're put on the copper--copper is a major conductor for crystal--because you wouldn't want a sharp pointed crystal hanging around your pet's neck. It would be unsafe."

Metaphysical Products

Porter also has formed a company, Laughing Light Productions, to manufacture future metaphysical products for pets. She is selling the crystals for animals in some retail pet stores, and has set up a mail order business. Porter's pet crystals sell for $10 mail order; those in retail stores range from $8.50 to $15, depending upon the store.

"Some people don't believe in crystals, but all I know is I think they work and they do," Porter explained. "You can judge from the animals. They don't have a prejudice about them. After a week or so, I began to see a real difference in my own pets. I have two dogs, seven cats, 11 turtles and a pig named Popcorn. They are all in good health, and the ones that seemed lethargic have perked up, the hyper ones have calmed down. My one dog Sammy is 15 years old and has arthritis. In a week and a half, he was trotting around with the others."

What about the turtles and the pig? "I haven't tried crystals on the turtles yet, but I'm going to tape a crystal to one's shell. He's been acting kind of hectic lately," Porter said. "Popcorn? Oh, she wouldn't put up with one (crystal). She weighs 900 pounds, so she does what she wants."

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