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Repealing the 22nd Amendment

December 15, 1987

Governments which concentrate political powers, often create injustices.

Your editorial prompts this senior citizen's response. The Constitution, in its original form, had need for many subsequent amendments, to rectify some recognized inadequacies.

The Constitution was designed to allow for furtherances of equality for all. The past indicates the future will include further needs for amendments.

The editorial's endorsement of referenced change does not recognize that in human nature, power is a corruptor. While no government system can be made perfect, history indicates our form of democracy, allowing periodic cleansing of political powers, tends to limit dictatorial governing that is prompted by long-term ingrained elected or appointed office holders.

For many years, I have felt the presidential office should be limited to just one term that might be extended to say five years. Not only does a President have power but so do presidential advisers, whether confirmed by Congress or influence. Too often a President is poorly served by such advisers.

Also, I favor more amendments to limit legislative and judiciary branches' terms of offices. Let us not endorse extended governmental office terms, but promote revised limitations to enhance democracy's viable strengths.

Perhaps in doing so we can erode adverse impacts of partisan politics, which seems to impair this fine country's social and economic viability.


Woodland Hills

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