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Burnham, Fay Meet; Canada Files a Challenge

December 16, 1987

The pot continued to simmer on the America's Cup scene Tuesday.

In San Diego, Malin Burnham, president of Sail America, and Michael Fay, New Zealand merchant banker who has challenged the Americans to sail for the cup in 90-foot boats next fall, met at the San Diego Yacht Club.

And in Toronto, the Canadian syndicate that has been planning to sail for the Cup in 1991 filed a new challenge to race a 90-foot boat in 1988.

The New York State Supreme Court ruled in November that the century-old Deed of Gift governing the conduct of the cup races entitled Fay to call for a race in 1988 using boats of Fay's choice, and Canada apparently hopes to get in on the action.

The meeting of Burnham and Fay apparently accomplished little more than confirming the intent of the San Diego Yacht Club, which is representing Sail America for the 1988 challenge from Fay. It was the first time the two sides had formally met since Fay issued his challenge July 17 to race for the Cup.

Burnham said that three specific areas were discussed. First, he said, apparently dealing with Canada's challenge, no other challengers will be considered for the 1988 event.

Fay was also told that the SDYC will name the site of the 1988 event and will do so at least 90 days before the race, which is not required by the deed.

And finally, San Diego will compete in a yacht of its own design that fits within the guidelines of the deed, specifically a vessel with a 90-foot water line.

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