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Storm Spawns a Flurry of Improvisions

December 17, 1987

The winter storm that struck the Southland on Wednesday led to some odd sights in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys.

The exhibit hall on the North Campus of California State University, Northridge became a practice field for the Granada Hills High School football team. Coach Darryl Stroh wanted to avoid the rain and wind as his team practiced for the city 4-A championship Friday night.

The Newhall Pass became a gateway into a rare snow scene in the Santa Clarita Valley, where two inches of heavy, wet snow accumulated. It closed schools, stalled traffic and prompted Kay Rich of Newhall to improvise. After sloshing through a supermarket parking lot in open-toe shoes, Rich went straight to the produce section, grabbed two plastic bags and slipped them on like socks.

For the ladies at the Nail Nook on Lyons Avenue, keeping dry wasn't the problem. They were left in the dark when the power went out--and three acrylic nails on Debbie Miller's hand needed to be filed.

"Thank goodness my father brought over a flashlight," Miller said as she shined the light on her nails.

With four of the five school districts in the Santa Clarita Valley closed, more than 16,000 schoolchildren got a day off and the chance to play in the slush.

Five-year-old Amy Jimenez of Newhall began negotiating a backyard slope by toboggan, but soon just lay on her belly and slid.

"We just moved up here from Long Beach and she's never seen anything like this before," said her mother, Joni Jimenez.

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