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What Lies in the Future for the Baby Boom Generation?

December 17, 1987|CHERYL RUSSELL | The Washington Post and Cheryl Russell, the editor-in-chief of American Demographics magazine, is the author of "100 Predictions for the Baby Boom," to be published by Plenum, from which this is adapted. and

Predictions about the family:

--Nine out of 10 baby boomers will marry once.

--One in three will marry twice.

--A baby-boom marriage will last 23 years, on average.

--Half of baby boomers will divorce once.

--One in five will divorce twice.

--Only six in 100 baby boomers will achieve the "ideal" family--a lifetime marriage with two children, a boy and a girl.

--By 1995, most baby-boom women will no longer be of child-bearing age.

--Most of the baby-boom's children will see their parents divorce.

Predictions about money:

--Baby boomers will work at 10 different jobs during their lives.

--By the turn of the century, one in 10 baby-boom households will make $75,000 or more a year, adjusted for inflation.

--By the year 2000, three out of four baby boomers will own a home.

--Among the homeowners, 90% will own a home like the one they grew up in.

--For most baby boomers, real estate will not be a good investment.

Predictions about beliefs:

--The baby boom will become more conservative in middle age.

--The baby-boom vote will make a difference for the first time in the presidential election of 1992.

--The baby boom will become more liberal in old age.

--American social consciousness will reawaken in the year 2010.

Predictions about aging:

--Most baby boomers will feel fat in middle-age.

--The baby boom, obsessed with looking young, will create a boom in plastic surgery.

--The baby boom will spend 20 years in retirement.

--Baby-boom women will spend 19 years as widows.

--The best long-term investment for the baby boom is to have children.

--One out of three baby boomers will live to age 85.

--One million baby boomers will live to be 100 years old.

--The last baby boomer will die about 2069.

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