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Ministries Decried

December 17, 1987

I applaud Times staff writer Ann Japenga for her articles in the View section on Dec. 6.

I was especially interested in the story about Colin Cook, the former Seventh-Day Adventist "gay to straight" minister. I feel deeply sorry for this man. His inability to accept himself for who he is is a tragic example of what can happen when a person hates himself, or herself, for being homosexual. I feel, however, that each of us, heterosexual or homosexual, is partly responsible for Colin Cook's torment.

We are a society that allows our churches and synagogues to continue teaching us that homosexuality is sinful, and we say nothing. Even when we believe that homosexuality, like heterosexuality, can be a natural expression of love, we are afraid of speaking out against the authority of the church.

Hatred of homosexuals runs rampant in our society. Another frightening example of what homophobia can do is the lack of leadership by the federal administration in the face of AIDS. This has resulted in lack of public education and necessary funding, and thousands of deaths already. There is no room for apathy anymore.

We must all work together toward changing the way people think about homosexuality so that other people like Colin Cook can have a chance at life, free from religious intolerance, social injustice, and self-hatred.


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