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A Welcome Curveball

December 19, 1987

Bravo The Times!!

Deborah Caulfield's "Star-Makers Eye the Candidates" (Dec. 3) was reason enough to continue home delivery of your paper.

How refreshing to take what is so often a bland and tedious topic and pitch it to your readers like the unexpected curve ball. The concept of looking at the 1988 presidential candidates from this entirely nonpolitical perspective was wonderfully unique and so cleverly written.

However, the letters in Saturday's Calendar (Dec. 12) indicated to me that some of your readers missed the point entirely and seem to be devoid of any sense of humor whatsoever.

Writer Phylis Mobely complained that the focus of the article was not on the issues nor on the candidates' responses to them. No kidding! How astute an observation! Try reading Part 1 of the paper if that's what you want--Calendar is the entertainment section of the paper.

Unless a person has an actual physical speech handicap, "how" a person says something (or delivers communication) is a general indication of the kind of person that speaker is--i.e., stressed, relaxed and easygoing, confused and insecure, confident and self-loving.

And though the humor of the article took center stage, it might seriously behoove some of these candidates to consider some of the suggestions offered--as well as Calendar's disgruntled readers.


Santa Monica

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