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Momma Throwing

December 20, 1987

The new comedy release "Throw Momma From the Train" is very unfunny.

I am appalled that a movie whose title clearly suggests blatant violence against women was ever released through the oval room doors of the motion picture industry. Its obvious misogynistic message tells us a lot about the type of men who control the industry and the degree of feminist enlightenment they have retained.

The attraction of this movie is based on two money-making comedic stars--Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito. We are handed another classic Hollywood creation that uses star appeal to pull money into a nothing script--a cheap shot, in this case, at the expense of women.

I don't suppose "Throw Daddy From the Train" would have worked, or even been funny. Blatantly abusing men doesn't sell tickets. But abusing women does. The largest entertainment industry in America--pornography--helps to verify this point.

The only thing worse than an image of violence against women is an image of violence against women veiled with humor. In this film, the reality of this violence, this seriousness, is perverted to be "funny."

Violence against women in any form is serious--no matter how funny the big boys can make it pretend to be.

"Momma" is not entertainment--it is a travesty. I will not spend one dime toward this misogynist film--and I urge others to do the same.



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