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Gene Wojciechowski

Santa Has Answers for This Improbable Christmas Wish List

December 20, 1987|Gene Wojciechowski

I know you're not going to believe this, but, well . . . I know Santa Claus.

We met at a dinner party, a fund-raiser, I think, for the magnetic North Pole. I munched on the avocado dip; he was parked near the steak tartare.

We talked about everything, including his plans to go with a double-breasted look this holiday season rather than the traditional frumpy coat. He seemed pleased.

Anyway, before leaving, Santa offered me a peek at some of the Christmas letters he has received. I took some notes and also jotted down Santa's notations. Remember, you didn't see them here:

Dear Santa,

A pennant, please . I beg of you, a pennant.

Your Pal,

Gene Mauch

Santa's recommendation: With that pitching staff . . . you've got to be kidding. The best we can do is keep him in the race until, say, August.

Dear Santa,

Could I please have a second chance?


Dick Enright

Santa's recommendation: After that film stunt he pulled at Capo Valley, I'm tempted to send a chunk of coal. Make sure he knows that winning high school football games isn't worth leaving his ethics at the door.

Dear Santa,

How would you feel about giving me Eric Dickerson's old salary, the one that wouldn't pay Dan Marino's taxes?

An admirer,

Charles White

Santa's recommendation: He should be happy to still be in the league. But tell John Shaw to arrange a raise.

Dear Santa,

If convenient--and one never knows if such a request is proper, of course--could I, meaning my personage, receive the signature of one Michael Atwater Witt? May I also solicit you, or a representative thereof, for a new pocket thesaurus?

With feverish anticipation,

Mike Port

Santa's recommendation: That was very naughty when he jettisoned Doug DeCinces late last season. Make him grovel a bit for Witt. Otherwise, I like his off-season moves.

Dear Santa,

If we only had an on-campus football stadium, I'd stay here forever.


Gene Murphy

Santa's recommendation: No go. I want him out of Fullerton now. Pull some strings at Kansas; he deserves better than Fullerton.

Dear Santa,

Our best scorer, Wayne Engelstad, eats too much. Please send advice.

With mirth and cheer,

Bill Mulligan

Santa's recommendation: Feed the rest of the team whatever you give Engelstad.

Dear Santa,

I would like my old position back, a raise and a crying towel.

I'm waiting,

Johnny Ray

Santa's recommendation: Coal.

Dear Santa,

I ask for so little and I spend so much. Whaddya say about a pennant for me and my padner, Jackie?

Deck the halls,

Gene Autry

Santa's recommendation: Haven't I answered this one before? Unless Mike Witt signs next May, Dan Petry and Kirk McCaskill recover from injuries, and Brian Downing stays healthy, there's only so much I can do.

Dear Santa,

How about a recount on those national high school athlete of the year awards?


Bret Johnson (and my dad, who made me write this letter)

Santa's recommendation: The kid has a point. Great player.

Dear Santa,

I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a new contract and a nice raise. Now if I could just get a sense of humor.


Mike Witt

Santa's recommendation: They just keep asking for the impossible, don't they? Try anyway.

Dear Santa,

I would like the Minnesota Vikings to lose their two remaining games and for us to win ours. And please don't tell anyone that I mentioned the playoffs. Oh, and could I get some new sideline wear?

Focused as ever,

John Robinson

Santa's recommendation: Geez, I've already arranged for five straight wins and that little mishap with Joe Montana. They're on their own.

Dear Santa,

A profit and two teams that matter.

Your friends at the Freedom Bowl

Santa's recommendation: Find a conference deep in talent and get it on paper.

Santa, my man,

Could I please have Charles White's yards?

You're my absolute favorite,

Eric Dickerson

Santa's recommendation: Many lumps of coal.

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