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Criticizing the Schools

December 23, 1987

As a teacher advocate who breathes fire in response to injustices and inequities against fellow teachers in my district, my concerns are enhanced when I read a letter like Ted Brown's (Dec. 5) on supporting public schools. How about these problems, Mr. Brown:

1--The phone in my classroom does not work during the rainy season and off/on the rest of the time.

2--Three-fourths of the windows in my classroom cannot be opened--and haven't been for 10 years--because the mechanisms on the windows are broken and the parts themselves haven't been available for 10 years.

3--Many of the chairs are broken (in my room) and others have been repaired over and over.

4--Mr. Brown says we know how to teach but not what to teach. Call Sacramento, Mr. Brown and/or talk to your local Board of Education. We used to teach "readin', writin' and 'rithmetic but society keeps adding to our teaching responsibilities.

5--Proposition 13 decimated electives--oh, could I go on and on about that, not to mention class size!

6--Finally, Gov. Deukmejian has apparently convinced you and many others that the schools are receiving an "embarrassment of riches"--lottery money is a bad joke!

I have only described one classroom in one school in one of 1,026 school districts in California. "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

Hope you enjoyed your tax rebate ($64 dinner/show).


Culver City

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