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Morning Briefing

Winning Shot Fired by Knight

December 24, 1987

Bob Knight, Indiana basketball coach, responding to a story in which Lousiana State Coach Dale Brown took some shots at him, recalled last season's Midwest Regionals in which LSU led Indiana, 75-66, with only four minutes left.

"It didn't look good," Knight said. "In fact, my assistants had just about given up, and so had I. Then I looked down toward the other bench, and I saw Dale Brown standing there. I knew then that we had a chance."

Indiana won, 77-76.

Add Knight: Of Brown's coaching, he said: "To paraphrase Churchill, probably never has so little been done with so much."

Heavy Stuff: George Foreman, who weighed 244 when he put Rocky Sekorski away last week, is aiming for 225, but said there's no hurry.

"The scales are just a formality for heavyweights," he said. "If you can't knock him down, you can belly bump him down."

More Heavy Stuff: Michael Dokes, 245, said he was carrying too much weight when he disposed of K.P. Porter, but he was pleased because his chin survived the test.

"He caught me with a left hook, and I didn't see Mickey Mouse so I guess I'm all right," Dokes said.

Would-you-believe-it dept.: Middleweight contender Michael Olajide, a part-time model and aspiring actor, took a screen test for a part of a boxer in the fight film "Homebody," but didn't get the part.

Olajide: "They said I didn't look like a boxer."

Trivia Time: What golfers were involved in the playoff for the Masters title this year? (Answer below.)

Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown of Notre Dame, who said he was the target of X-rated taunting in the Miami game, was asked if if other teams had ever taunted him.

"Yes," he said. "Miami two years ago and Miami three years ago."

For the Record: According to San Francisco 49ers statistician John Siemsen, 33 seconds, not 18 seconds, elapsed on those back-to-back kickoff returns for touchdowns by Atlanta's Sylvester Stamps and San Francisco's Joe Cribbs last Sunday.

"The wire story was wrong," Siemsen said. "The 18 seconds was the time that elapsed on Cribbs' run. Stamps' run took 15 seconds."

Trivia Answer: Seve Ballesteros, Greg Norman and Larry Mize. Ballesteros was eliminated on the first playoff hole. Mize won it on the second hole.


Country singer Willie Nelson, asked what par is on the golf course he owns near Austin, Tex.: "Anything I want it to be. For instance, this hole here is a par 47--and yesterday I birdied the sucker."

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