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How Some Are Getting Decked Out for Holiday

December 25, 1987|BETTY GOODWIN

Bake a ham, light the tree, catch a football game or a wave . . . whatever. It's Christmas time in the city. The question we wanted to answer: What are people wearing for their activity of choice today? So we polled shoppers in Century City and the Beverly Center, and if you see them moving around today, here is what they may be wearing.

Maria Mancuso, Malibu: "I'm having dinner at my house; my fiance's family is coming over. I'm probably wearing a black velvet long dress--Ralph Lauren, dressy. My granny shoes and my new engagement ring and my diamond earrings. Simple. I'm from New York; everybody gets dressed up at Christmas time."

Dave Fox, North Hollywood: "My girlfriend Christie and I are just staying home. I'll probably wear sweat pants or karate pants and maybe a red T-shirt that says 'California' and shows a picture of the coast."

Eve Savage, Pacific Palisades: "I have dinner for 12 at my house--the family and my uncle, the retired bishop of Chicago, James Montgomery. I'll wear a glittery blouse and a tea-length velvet skirt. I haven't shortened my skirts yet--I'm resisting this new length. Men will be in tuxedos. Dress is very dressy. We have caviar omelets in the morning."

Bill Stone, Marina del Rey: "I'm just going to parties. I'll be wearing a gray suit with red suspenders with Santa Clauses on them and a bow tie."

Marilyn Costigan, Santa Monica: "I'll be with family. I'll probably wear a pair of red, plaid slacks and a red turtleneck sweater with a gold rope necklace."

Jennifer Hutchison, Reseda: "I'm going to be with my family eating Christmas dinner, opening presents, reading the Christmas story out of the Bible; we always do that every Christmas. I'll wear a black skirt, right above the knees, my black boots, a green sweater with a white turtleneck underneath and silver accessories."

Hilary Farr, Hancock Park: "I'm going to be in the mountains, in Arrowhead, so I'll probably be wearing rubber boots--we call them wellies, soggy jeans and an anorak--a ski jacket. In England, we call what I'll be looking like a Sloane Ranger. "

Sharon Casaly, Chatsworth: "My husband and my kids and I are going to my husband's parents' house for dinner. I'll probably wear a red sweater and black pants with maybe pearls. I want to wear something red."

Mary Carley, Hancock Park: "I'm going to be in North Carolina with my family. I'm wearing an Armani skirt, long black chiffon with silver embroidery, and a black sweater that's not Armani. My shoes are from the Delman shoe salon at Bergdorf Goodman in New York--black peau de soie with bows that are pearls and rhinestones. We get dressed up."

Melissa Bremner, West Hollywood: "My mom and her best friend are fixing turkey and dressing and sweet potato souffle late afternoon, at two or three. We open presents in the morning. I'm wearing something red or green, like leggings and a big sweater, tennis shoes, hair down and silver hoop earrings."

Michelle Lavelle, Beverly Hills: "It depends on what I'm doing. Maybe Spandex, maybe leather. It depends on whether I go to a concert. All my friends are musicians."

Marcy Garkie, Sedona, Ariz.: "We're probably spending till 2 o'clock opening packages. Then we're going out to dinner. I'm planning to wear a red dress, a two-piece dress with a black belt and a black broach. I live in Sedona, the nicest place in Arizona, but I'm here visiting a daughter in the Palisades."

Paul Bloch, Santa Monica: "I'm going to be either on a plane to France, working, skiing at Mammoth or going to a party. Four possibilities. If I'm on a plane, I'll be wearing a sweater, corduroy pants and a jacket. If I'm working, I'll wear jeans and a Polo LaCoste. If I'm skiing, you know what I'd wear. And if I'm going to a party it will be formal, but not black tie."

Yvette Jones, South-Central Los Angeles: "I'm going to dinner at my family's. I haven't been able to find a thing to wear and I'm stressed. I'd like something really knockout--pants, a sweater; I don't know. I'll find something. I'm sure of it."

Kerri McKay, Cheviot Hills: "I'm probably wearing my pajamas. They're Lanz. They're blue and red. I don't have any slippers. We're going to Grandma's for dinner. I don't know what I'm wearing there; whatever I get at Christmas."

Isabel Faustino, Malibu: "I'll be in sweats. It's the only thing to wear when you live at the beach; you're opening presents and you're rolling on the carpet. We're talking 100% cotton. Good old sweats with holes. I'll make an effort and wear my red ones."

Yvonne Curry, Palms: "I'm spending Christmas with my sister's family and some people from her church. This year she's going to have a light, 2 o'clock dinner, nothing too complicated. I can't fit into any of my pants, so I'll just wear a skirt and a sweater, something that stuff can spill on."

Mohammad Abdullah, Westwood: "I don't celebrate Christmas. I'm Muslim. I'm staying home, just watching football. I'll wear my pajamas. I just wake up and go into the living room. They're by Christian Dior, blue cotton."

Martha Pardee, West Hollywood: "I'll be spending Christmas in Delaware for a big family get-together. I'm wearing a wine-color, tea-length dress, quite formal, and probably a pearl necklace and earrings. Some of the men wear black tie."

Kazu Sano, Beverly Hills: "I'm going to be spending Christmas with my family. It's nothing very dressy. I'll probably wear Levi 501 jeans--I have them tapered at the ankles--a turtleneck sweater, Bass Weejuns. Classic stuff."

Vickie Adler, San Fernando Valley: "I'm going to my boyfriend's family's house for a big Christmas brunch. I'll probably wear a red silk dress."

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