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Boutique Opening Brings Out Party People

December 25, 1987|TIA GINDICK

It must have been heartening to Guy Hector, newest entrant in the Westside's trendy boutique scene, and his wife, actress Brenda Vaccaro, to discover that even a major rainstorm won't deter true party creatures.

Not only that, but true party creatures always dress for the occasion, not the weather. Walk into a party in a raincoat, carrying an umbrella? Never.

No, what they do in a storm is pull up to valet parking, get out and over to the door, then toss their coat and rain paraphernalia at the attendant, who will throw the items into the car as he's driving off. Presumably, it works in reverse as he's bringing the car back.

Very Chic, Very Sleek

That way, people could walk into the opening party of Guy Hector, a very chic, very sleek, very French boutique on Santa Monica's Montana Avenue, looking as if they actually shopped there.

The women wore great sweaters over pants or miniskirt suits; the men were either in earrings and unstructured outfits or were classically elegant in gray slacks, black blazers and red ties with matching silk squares in breast pockets.

One of the evening's grand entrances was made by actor Roscoe Lee Brown, who wore a faded jeans jacket over a faded army jacket over a blue plaid shirt.

Actresses Sally Struthers and Vaccaro hosted the party and fashion show. Vaccaro was ebullient, greeting almost everyone with a roar similar to the reception TV character Norm Peterson gets on "Cheers."

Hector, an amiable former model who is making his entry into fashion retailing, said the guests were friends and clients.

'Dare to Be Dull'

Some not-often-seen actors here: Mike Connors, one of only two people who actually carried their raincoats in; David Hedison, wearing an unstructured blue peacoat over a turquoise sweater, and Tab Hunter, who observed of his own ensemble--a black blazer over a navy turtleneck--"yes, that's me. Dare to be dull."

Sally Kellerman arrived in tan slacks and a white waist-length fur jacket, and Struthers wore an ankle-length black skirt and black evening sweater.

Minutes before the party was scheduled to end, Everybody's Favorite Hairdresser, Jose Eber, arrived--trademark straw hat on his head.

Ironically, this shop opened four months ago. The opening party was postponed until December, Hector said, because people just don't go out in the summer months.

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