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More Parking at Restaurant

December 27, 1987

On Sept. 28, a request was made by the Sizzler restaurant (chain) for a zoning variance on the lot at the rear and across the alley from their restaurant on Washington Boulevard at Stanford Avenue. This would allow them to remove the house and add a parking lot for 14 additional cars.

Items brought up at that meeting that I believe contributed to the basis for denying the request were:

1. Sizzler already has more parking spaces than is required.

2. Sizzler does nothing to control the present parking area as to who (may park there) and how long.

3. The alley between the building and the added 14 spaces are already heavily used by automobile traffic to avoid the signal at Washington and Lincoln boulevards.

Sizzler has appealed the denial of its request. A hearing is now scheduled for Dec. 29 at City Hall in Los Angeles. If Sizzler is allowed to convert that residential property to a parking lot, the door will be open for all the businesses on Washington Boulevard to convert the residential property behind their businesses to parking. And there, my neighbors, goes the residential neighborhood.


Marina del Rey

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