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Steve Springer

A New Year's Wish List Full of Hope

December 27, 1987|Steve Springer

The wins and losses have just about been tallied for 1987. And the hopes and dreams are now being gathered for 1988.

In the real world of life and death, they are always the same--for health, happiness, an end to poverty and war, and the beginning of true world peace.

In the world of fun and games, the wishes are a little more self-serving. This is the time of the year when we, too, can be a little self-serving, so we'll take the opportunity to wish the following:

For Earvin Johnson--continued magic for a class act.

For Bobby Knight--some class.

For Moorpark High's football team--a merciful end to nearly six decades of torment by Carpinteria.

For Gene Mauch--a merciful end to nearly three decades of frustration for the greatest manager to never win a pennant.

For Homer Hankies--a merciful end.

For Pierce College football--a successful rebirth.

For Bob Shoup--a return to glory.

For the Clippers--glory.

For Michael Nunn--a chance to show if he is truly second to none.

For Sugar Ray Leonard--the sense to stick to his word and quit while he's ahead.

For Larry Holmes--the sense to quit while he's still got a head.

For Bob Burt--see Bob Shoup.

For Russell White--many more yards.

For Terry Donahue--Russell White.

For Larry Smith--see Terry Donahue.

For Bill Redell--nothing. He already has Russell White.

For Kareem Abdul-Jabbar--a noble finish.

For Mike Tyson--a worthy opponent.

For Mike Marshall--health.

For Pete Cassidy--an arena in which to put his team.

For Jerry Buss--a hockey team to put in his arena.

For Sparky Anderson--a team to match his hyperbole.

For Tommy Lasorda--a team.

For Frankie Duarte--one last title fight.

For Burroughs High's football team--one less title fight.

For Marwan Ass'ad--one more win.

For Jack Nicklaus--one more Masters.

For Jimmy Connors--one more Wimbledon.

For Red Auerbach--see Bobby Knight.

For the Lakers--another memorable final.

For Al Davis--lots of luck in Irwindale.

For the Coliseum Commission--lots of luck in paying the bills.

For Eric Dickerson--peace of mind in Indianapolis.

For the Olympic Games--peace.

For John McEnroe--see Red Auerbach.

For Pat Riley--recognition.

For Bill Walton--a rebuilt foot.

For Fernando Valenzuela--a recharged arm.

For Ralph Sampson--a recharged attitude.

For the Celtics--see Lakers.

For Chick Hearn--many more years closing the refrigerator door.

For Benoit Benjamin--lessons in how to close the refrigerator door.

For Georgia Frontiere--lessons in how to open her checkbook.

For Peter O'Malley--lessons in management.

For Norm Nixon--see Mike Marshall.

For Tom Landry--see Bob Burt.

For Bo Jackson--football only.

For Marques Johnson--see Norm Nixon.

For College Football--playoffs.

For the NFL--a black head coach.

For Major League Baseball--more blacks in management.

For All--many more wins than losses in the game of life. And the health to enjoy them.

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